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How to remove News from Windows 11

How to remove News from Windows 11

“Are you tired of seeing the news on your Windows 11 computer? Learn how to remove it with this comprehensive guide.”

How to Disable the News and Interests Taskbar Widget in Windows 11


If you’re someone who uses their computer for work or personal tasks, you might find the news on your Windows 11 computer to be a distracting feature. While it can be helpful to stay up-to-date with the latest headlines, it can also be overwhelming and take away from your productivity. Fortunately, removing the news feature from your Windows 11 computer is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of removing the news from your Windows 11 computer.

Why Remove News from Windows 11?

There are several reasons why someone might want to remove the news feature from their Windows 11 computer. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • It can be a distraction: With so much news available, it can be difficult to stay focused on the task at hand.
  • It can be overwhelming: The news can be overwhelming, especially if you’re sensitive to negative news stories.
  • It can take up valuable screen real estate: If you’re using a smaller screen, the news feature can take up valuable space that could be used for other apps or programs.

How to Remove News from Windows 11 

Here are the steps to remove news from Windows 11:

  1. Open the Windows 11 settings by clicking on the Start button and then clicking on the gear icon.
  2. In the settings menu, click on “Personalization.”
  3. In the personalization menu, click on “Taskbar.”
  4. Scroll down to the “News and interests” section.
  5. Click on the dropdown menu next to “News and interests.”
  6. Select “Turn off.”
  7. Close the settings menu.

That’s it! The news feature will no longer appear on your Windows 11 computer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why would someone want to remove News from Windows 11? A: Some users may prefer not to use the News app or may want to free up space on their device by removing unused apps.

Q: How can I remove News from Windows 11? A: There are different ways to remove News from Windows 11. One way is to right-click on the News app icon in the Start menu or taskbar, select “Uninstall,” and follow the prompts to remove the app. Another way is to open Settings, go to Apps & features, find the News app, select it, and click on “Uninstall.”

Q: Will removing News from Windows 11 affect other apps or features? A: No, removing the News app should not affect other apps or features of Windows 11.

Q: Can I reinstall News after removing it from Windows 11? A: Yes, you can reinstall the News app from the Microsoft Store if you change your mind and want to use it again.

Q: Is it possible to remove other default apps from Windows 11? A: Yes, you can remove some default apps from Windows 11 using the same methods as for News. However, some default apps may be necessary for the proper functioning of the system, and removing them may cause issues.

Tips for Staying Informed without the News Feature 

If you’re someone who wants to stay informed without the news feature on your Windows 11 computer, here are a few tips:

  • Subscribe to a daily or weekly newsletter that summarizes the news.
  • Set up alerts for specific topics that you’re interested in.
  • Use social media to follow news sources that you trust.
  • Check news websites or apps at specific times of the day, rather than constantly checking throughout the day.


Removing the news feature from your Windows 11 computer is a simple process that can help you stay focused and productive. Whether you find the news overwhelming or simply want to free up screen real estate, following the steps

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